The African Internet Exchange Point Operators' Association



Af-IX Charter

The Af-IX is the definitive grouping of Internet Exchange Point Operators/Managers from across Africa, brought together by a need to share and exchange experiences, knowledge, ideas and challenges in our unique environments.  We are an unfunded group of volunteers working to improve and spread African intellectual property.

Our initial fundamental goal is to be able to provide a collaborative environment for Internet Exchange Point Operators in the African region to be able to share knowledge, experiences, and to provide support for each other. 

Af-IX aims to support individual IXPs' goals to maximise IXP stability, and increase the value of each IXP to its members.  With functioning IXPs at the heart, we aim to bolster existing aggregation points to improve connectivity within the continent, in order to generate a significant share of the value of Internet connectivity within Africa, for both providers and consumers of content and services

Af-IX maintains a mailing list for operators of Internet Exchange Points in the African region. We will invite representatives of each IXP to the mailing list.

Our goals will be to:

We operate two mailing lists for people interested in contacting and growing the IXP community. The closed list is only available to bona-fide Internet Exchange Points in Africa
Details are available here